An input type for adding a manager to a team using the 'addTeamManager' mutation. permissionLevel OR permissionSetId is required.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input AddTeamManagerInput {
  • # The unique identifier for the User.
  • userId: String!
  • # Unique identifier of the team that the manager will be added to.
  • teamId: String!
  • # Manager's permission level. Values: ('BASIC', 'LIMITED', 'FULL'). For more
  • # details on manager permission please see
  • #
  • permissionLevel: ManagerPermissionLevel
  • # The ID of a permission set to assign the manager.
  • # Use the 'planPermissionSets' query to get all the permission sets associated
  • # with your plan.
  • # If permissionSetId is not provided, the default permissionSet for the plan will
  • # be assigned to the new manager added.
  • permissionSetId: String
  • # If set to 'true', manager will be assigned a license. Default value is 'false'.
  • shouldConsumeLicense: Boolean
  • }