A type that describes the input for the addTeamsToChannels mutation.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input AddTeamsToChannelsInput {
  • # A list of team ids and corresponding channels to add them to.
  • teams: [ChannelTeamInput!]!
  • # The User ID of the User adding the Team.
  • # The User must be part of the plan and either be the Channel Owner or an Editor
  • # to add Member(s) or Contributor(s).
  • actorUserId: String!
  • # Email instructions that are appended to the new member email. <= 500 character
  • # limit. Does not apply to adding a new channel owner.
  • emailInstructions: String
  • # A boolean field that toggles email notifications. A 'true' value prevents email
  • # notifications from being sent to added members. The default is 'false'.
  • skipNotificationEmail: Boolean
  • }