A type that associates Content with a Channel. Example, if type value is skills-assessment, to get more details on the skill-assessment content, connect using one of the following: channelContent.id to link to skillAssessment.id and/or skillAssessmentResult.assessmentId and/or skillIqsSummary.skillId

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type ChannelContent {
  • # The identifier of the content.
  • id: ID!
  • # The unique identifier of the channel for which this peice of content belongs.
  • channelId: ID!
  • # The order in which the Content should be displayed within a Channel.
  • index: Int!
  • # The type of the Channel (path, external link, course, project,
  • # interactive-course or skill-assessment)
  • type: String!
  • # If the ChannelContent.type is external link, this field shows the url of Content
  • # that exists outside of the Pluralsight system.
  • url: String
  • }