Content progress data which includes the following content type: video courses, interactive courses, guides, paths and projects. This enitity is currently in BETA and will require your API KEY to have BETA access.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type ContentProgress {
  • # The unique identifier of the plan that the user belongs to.
  • planId: String
  • # Unique identifier of a User.
  • userId: String
  • # A User on Pluralsight is someone who is currently using or has ever used a
  • # license on the plan.
  • user: User
  • # The type of the content.
  • contentType: ContentProgressType
  • # Unique identifier of content, UUID format.
  • contentId: String
  • # The content path name (URL safe). (used to map to content).
  • contentPathName: String
  • # The title of the content.
  • contentTitle: String
  • # The date and time the user first engaged with the content.
  • firstActivityOn: DateTime
  • # The date and time the user last engaged with the content.
  • lastActivityOn: DateTime
  • # The percentage of the content the user has completed.
  • percentComplete: Int
  • # Whether or not the content has been completed by the user.
  • isComplete: Boolean
  • # The data and time the user completed the content.
  • completedOn: DateTime
  • }