Filter parameters to reduce course catalog result sets by provided filters.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input CourseCatalogFilter {
  • # If provided, will return only courses that have an id which matches an id in
  • # this list.
  • ids: [String]
  • # If provided, only courses will be returned for courses whose title or
  • # description contain the value of this field
  • searchTerm: String
  • # If 'true', the free filter will only return courses that are currently available
  • # outside the paywall.
  • # The free status may change frequently for certain promotions.
  • free: Boolean
  • # If provided, only courses will be returned with the provided status. available
  • # values: ('published', 'retired', 'removed')
  • # If no status is provided, courses of all three statuses will be returned.
  • status: String
  • # If set to false, only content that is available on one or more of the plans
  • # associated with the API key being used will be included.
  • showOffPlanContent: Boolean
  • }