An input type for creating a user, using the create user mutation.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input CreateUserInput {
  • # The first name of the new user.
  • firstName: String!
  • # The last name of the new user.
  • lastName: String!
  • # The email address of the new user.
  • email: String!
  • # The country code for the new user.
  • country: String!
  • # Allows the user to opt-in to marketing. This is false by default.
  • optInToMarketing: Boolean
  • # User identifier external to Pluralsight, often used for SSO integrations.
  • remoteUserId: String
  • # Whether or not to send an email invite to the newly created user, inviting them
  • # to the plan associated with the API key used. Defaults to false
  • sendInvite: Boolean
  • }