An input type for inviting a manager, using the inviteManager mutation.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • input InviteManagerInput {
  • # Email of the user that the invite should be sent to.
  • email: String!
  • # PermissionSetId that the user will be assigned. To get the permission sets for a
  • # plan see the 'planPermissionSets' query.
  • permissionSetId: String!
  • # TeamId that the user will be invited to manage.
  • teamId: String!
  • # Whether or not the user managing said team will consume a license if they
  • # haven't already.
  • # If this is set to false and a user already has a license on the plan associated
  • # with the api key, their license will not be removed.
  • shouldConsumeLicense: Boolean
  • # Defaults to true which will send a new invite regardless of previous invite
  • # history.
  • # If set to false and an existing valid invite is found, that invite will be
  • # returned and they will not receive a new invite.
  • resendIfExists: Boolean
  • }