For more details, see Query.memberInvites.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type MemberInvite {
  • # DEPRECATED: Same as planUserId, use planUserId instead.
  • inviteId: String! @deprecated( reason: "Same as planUserId, use planUserId instead" )
  • # Unique identifier for the member invitation. Once an invite is accepted, this
  • # becomes a unique identifier for a Pluralsight user assigned to a specific plan.
  • planUserId: String!
  • # Id of the plan that the user was invited to.
  • planId: String!
  • # DEPRECATED: No longer supported. Id of the team that the user was invited to.
  • teamId: String @deprecated( reason: "No longer supported" )
  • # Date the invite was sent to the user.
  • sentOn: DateTime!
  • # Expiration date of the invite. An expired invite cannot be accepted by the user,
  • # another invite will have to be sent.
  • expiresOn: DateTime!
  • # User's email that the invite was sent to.
  • sentToEmail: String!
  • # Id of the user who has accepted the invite, null means the invite hasn't been
  • # accepted yet.
  • redeemedByUserId: String
  • # Status of the invite. Possible values: 'Canceled', 'Redeemed', 'Expired', or
  • # 'Pending'
  • status: String!
  • }