Info about tags on a given Course. IMPORTANT: A new tag system is in the works and should be available by the end of 2020. The data provided by the current implementation is incomplete and sometimes inaccurate. We don't recommend the usage of this field.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type Tags {
  • # Tags associated with tools.
  • tools: [String]
  • # Tags associated with topics.
  • topics: [String]
  • # Tags associated with audiences.
  • audiences: [String]
  • # Tags associated with certifications.
  • certifications: [String]
  • # The primary tags for the Course.
  • primaryAtomicTags: [String]
  • # The Primary Super Domain. The highest/most general level of the taxonomy. Breaks
  • # the Pluralsight coverage landscape into general subject areas.
  • superDomain: String
  • # The Primary Domain. An intermediate level of the taxonomy. Breaks down each
  • # superdomain into its broadest subject areas and provides context for how and for
  • # what purpose a technology is used in the content.
  • domain: String
  • # The Primary Atomic. The lowest/most granular level of the taxonomy. Describes
  • # the primary technology or certification taught in a piece of content.
  • primaryAtomic: PrimaryAtomic
  • # The audience for which a piece of content is primarily intended.
  • audience: String
  • }