A Team is a grouping of Users. A User can belong to many Teams. For more details on teams please see https://help.pluralsight.com/help/how-do-i-create-a-team

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type Team {
  • # The unique identifier for a team, UUID format.
  • id: ID
  • # Name of the Team.
  • name: String
  • # Plan id of the Team.
  • planId: String
  • # The unique identifier of the Parent Team. A null value idicates a root level
  • # team.
  • parentTeamId: String
  • # Description of the Team.
  • description: String
  • # DEPRECATED: Optional: The unique identifier of a Team's parent group.
  • groupId: String @deprecated( reason: "The concept of Groups and Departments has been replace by a nested teams architecture. Use 'parentTeamId' instead." )
  • }