A User on Pluralsight is someone who is currently using or has ever used a license on the plan. Users may also be team managers or plan admins with a license.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type User {
  • # The primary unique identifier of the User, also known as userHandle.
  • id: ID!
  • # The primary email of the User.
  • email: String
  • # Additional emails of the User.
  • additionalEmails: [String]
  • # First name of the User.
  • firstName: String
  • # Last name of the User.
  • lastName: String
  • # The date and time that the User was assigned a license on the given plan.
  • startedOn: DateTime
  • # The date and time that the User created his/her account on pluralsight.com.
  • createdOn: DateTime
  • # Free-text note associated with the user, editable by plan admins. Often this
  • # field is used by plan admins to store the external identifier or remoteID for
  • # this User.
  • note: String
  • # The current Team assignment for the User.
  • team: Team @deprecated( reason: "Field is being removed, use 'teams' field instead." )
  • # The current Team assignments for the User.
  • teams: TeamUserConnection
  • # Indicates whether or not the User active (with a licence) on the plan.
  • isOnAccount: Boolean
  • # The date and time the User was removed from the plan. Present if 'isOnAccount'
  • # is false, null otherwise.
  • removedOn: DateTime
  • # The date and time that the User last logged into his/her account. The field gets
  • # updated when the user enters the password manually or enters through SSO.
  • lastLogin: DateTime
  • # DEPRECATED: List of historical SSO identifiers with the current SSO identifier
  • # included.
  • ssoIdentifiers: [String] @deprecated( reason: "Please use the field currentSsoIdentifiers." )
  • # The current SSO identifier for the User.
  • currentSsoIdentifier: String
  • # Indicates whether or not the User is using SSO.
  • ssoEnabled: Boolean
  • # The plan id that the User belongs to
  • planId: String
  • # Indicates whether or not the User has multi-factor authentication enabled.
  • mfaEnabled: Boolean
  • }

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